Subject: Zipx problems
Date: 2016-07-07 07:42:44
Source: zipx-problems


Today I have purchased the Ultimate Zip component and need a little clarification on using the component with xipx files.

I have a zipx file (created with WinZip) and open this file with the pre-compiled sample program ArchiveManager.exe. When I try to extract the contents or use the Test function, I get an error message saying 'Unknown compression method'

Here is the complete message:

Unable to copy file from '/EstadisticasEncargado.snp' on 'Zip Archive - ComponentPro.Zip.zipx' to 'C:\Users\Memory\Documents\Visual Studio Projects\UltimateZip\CompiledSamples\EstadisticasEncargado.snp' on 'Disk File System: 3, Thread Id: 0'.
Reason: Unknown compression method.

The file is not encrypted and has no strange settings set when I created the file.



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