Subject: Word Header Image and Text Issues
Date: 2013-05-15 09:11:42
From: Mark Edevane
Source: word-header-image-text-issues

I am opening a Word 2010 document, filling in selected bookmarks, saving as RTF and then opening this document to export to PDF and have the following issues:

[code lang='vb']

Dim myDocument As New ComponentPro.Word.WordDocument

Dim myBookmarks As ComponentPro.Word.BookmarksNavigator

myDocument.OpenReadOnly("Path+File", WordDocumentFormat.Automatic)

myBookmarks = New ComponentPro.Word.BookmarksNavigator(myDocument)


Dim myParagraph As ComponentPro.Word.Paragraph = myBookmark.BookmarkStart.OwnerParagraph

Dim signatureImage As Image = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile("Path+File")

Dim myPicture As ComponentPro.Word.Picture

myPicture = myParagraph.AppendPicture(signatureImage)



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