Subject: I want to move a file on a remote FTP server into another folder. But Get Errors
Date: 2010-12-16 21:02:09
From: Fred Mastro
Source: want-move-file-remote-ftp-server-another-folder-get-errors

                I want to move a file on a remote FTP server into another folder.

                Following the help I cannot to make this MoveFiles method function properly. It always tells me Remote Location not found or Failed.


                I’ve tried it different way with no success. At this point in the code, the file has been downloaded. Now I need to move it remotely to a remote folder.


                Sample Code and Info of what I have:


Dim DownloadedRemoteFileNames As String() = {"CHE201012141045.xml"}

Dim Options As New TransferOptions(True, True, True, CType(Nothing, SearchCondition), FileExistsResolveAction.OverwriteAll, SymlinksResolveAction.Skip, False)


Dim OpenClient As New Sftp


OpenClient.Authenticate(_FTPUserName, _FTPPassword)

OpenClient.MoveFiles("Outgoing", DownloadedRemoteFileNames, "Outgoing_Completed", Options)


ERROR:  Unable to transfer file '/Outgoing_Completed/CHE201012141045.xml'.




OpenClient.MoveFiles("Outgoing/CHE201012141045.xml", "Outgoing_Completed/CHE201012141045.xml")

ERROR: No such file; "/Outgoing/CHE201012141045.xml": No such file.


FTP Site:





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