Subject: Vendor Metadata
Date: 2012-06-20 11:33:29
From: Daniel H.
Source: vendor-metadata


I have a question concerning using metadata given to me by a Service Provider.

We would be the IDP in this case, and we would exchange metadata.  I have produced ours based off some examples I have seen on the forums.  My question is, there a way to point to their metadata that they have given us?

I looked at some of the examples in the product download and did find one that was reading the metadata file, but all it did was print the results to the screen, I am interested in what we would do with the metadata when we try to wireup the SSO.

If I can be pointed into the right direction that would be a big help.

Edit: In short, I would like to use the metadata provided to me by the service provider.

Thank you

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