Subject: ValidateUsingMetadata() method throwing weird error message
Date: 2018-06-15 19:50:38
From: RickPace79
Source: validateusingmetadata-method-throwing-weird-error-message

Every time I attempt to validate using the ValidateUsingMetadata() method,  I end up with the following error:  "*Entity is not an Entity Descriptor*" . 
Do you see anything wrong with my code?

     Dim samlResponse As ComponentPro.Saml2.Response = ComponentPro.Saml2.Response.Create(Request)
                If samlResponse.IsSigned() Then

                Dim xmlString As String = samlResponse.ToString()
                Dim myXmlElement As XmlElement = GetElement(xmlString )

                If Not samlResponse.ValidateUsingMetadata(myXmlElement) Then
                    Throw New ApplicationException("SAML response signature is not valid.")
                End If

       Private Function GetElement(ByVal xml As String) As XmlElement
            Dim doc As XmlDocument = New XmlDocument()
            Return doc.DocumentElement
        End Function


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