Subject: Validate Saml Response using .pem file
Date: 2014-10-31 19:05:21
From: Ashish Kumar
Source: validate-saml-response-using-pem-file

I am creating the SP and my Client (who has the IdP) has sent me a .pem file to Validate the Saml response.
Earlier I validated the response by a .pfx file and everything was fine.
Im not really expert with cryptography and find it quite difficult to even understand the difference between a .pfx file and a .pem file.
All I know is earlier I created an instance of X509Certificate2 from the .pfx file and used it to validate the response. But this time I cant seem to find a way to do it with .pem file.
My client is not willing to share the .pfx file as they say it might contains thier private key.
[code lang='c#']
var ssoSamlCertificatefile = "C:\Some\location\abcd.pem
var x509Certificate = new X509Certificate2(ssoSamlCertificatefile);
// Validate the SAML response with the certificate.
if (!samlResponse.Validate(x509Certificate))
    throw new ApplicationException("SAML response signature is not valid.");
Please help.
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