Subject: Why does Validate fail on an Assertion created using GetXml()?
Date: 2018-12-04 22:16:52
From: kmrsaml
Source: validate-fail-assertion-created-using-getxml

Hi. I am using the Ultimate SAML trial period.

I have a signed and encrypted assertion in xmlDoc and the two different certificates - one for encryption (encryptionCert) and the other for signing (signingCert).

1. From the xmlDoc I can successfully create an EncryptedAssertion.
EncryptedAssertion encryptedAssertion = new EncryptedAssertion(xmlDoc.DocumentElement);

2. I can successfully Decrypt the EncryptedAssertion  to return an Assertion
Assertion assertion = encryptedAssertion.Decrypt(encryptionCert);

3. I can successfully Validate the Assertion (assertion) using the signingCert
bool validated = assertion.Decrypt(signingCert);

What I cant do is the following:
Create a new assertion using GetXml and Validate!
I use the GetXml() method on assertion and create a new Assertion (newAssertion). The Validate method returns false. I expect it to return true.
Assertion newAssertion = new Assessment(assertion.GetXml())
validated  = newAssertion.Validate(signingCert);

validated == FALSE! Any ideas?


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