Subject: Using Arial font with unicode letters
Date: 2014-08-06 14:01:36
From: Yaakov Ellis
Source: using-arial-font-unicode-letters

I am initializing a PdfFont as follows:

        FontFamily fontArial = new FontFamily("Arial");
This works fine for english text. However, when I enter unicode text and attempt to measure or draw a string using this font, I get the following exception:
[PdfException: Couldn't find information about the character. Unicode is not supported by this font.]
   ComponentPro.Pdf.Graphics.Fonts.TrueTypeFont.ComponentPro.Pdf.Graphics.ITrueTypeFont.GetCharWidth(Char charCode) +159
   ComponentPro.Pdf.Graphics.Fonts.TrueTypeFont.ComponentPro.Pdf.Graphics.ITrueTypeFont.GetLineWidth(String line) +73
   ComponentPro.Pdf.Graphics.PdfTrueTypeFont.GetLineWidth(String line, PdfStringFormat format) +136
   ComponentPro.Pdf.Graphics.PdfStringLayouter.LayoutLine(String line, Single lineIndent) +209
   ComponentPro.Pdf.Graphics.PdfStringLayouter.DoLayout() +126
   ComponentPro.Pdf.Graphics.PdfFont.MeasureString(String text, SizeF layoutArea, PdfStringFormat format, Int32& charactersFitted, Int32& linesFilled) +76
   ComponentPro.Pdf.Graphics.PdfFont.MeasureString(String text, Single width, PdfStringFormat format, Int32& charactersFitted, Int32& linesFilled) +60
How can I successfully use Arial (a very standard font) with unicode text?
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