Subject: Unpack nested zip from memory stream into another memory stream
Date: 2017-10-02 12:51:49
From: D R
Source: unpack-nested-zip-memory-stream-another-memory-stream


We try to uncompress a zip file from a streaming source like so:

[code lang='c#']public void Unzip (Stream stream)


    var zip = new ComponentPro.Compression.Zip();
    zip.Open(stream, false);
    // list all files
    foreach (var entry in zip.ListAll())
        // if entry ends in zip
        if (entry.Name.EndsWith(".zip"))
However, reading the nested zip file using OpenRead() does not work (results in ComponentPro.IO.FileSystemNotSupportedException : The 'OpenRead' operation is not supported.) How to read a nested zip file from a stream?
We are currently evaluating your library and are thinking about buying it. This evaluation is timeboxed, so a quick answer would really help me to decide if we are going to buy your library or a library from another vendor.
Best regards,
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