Subject: Unable to Post SAML Response using samlResponse.SendHttpPost method
Date: 2019-11-04 13:35:53
From: Ashish
Source: unable-post-saml-response-using-samlresponse-sendhttppost-method

Hello Team,

We are performing and IdP-initiated SSO connection using the SendSAMLResponseByHTTPPost to an SP of our client.

It is working fine from one of environment where our IDP is hosted on IIS and we are able successfully to post SAML response and redirected on our SP client.

Our IDP is .net Core angular 6.0 application.

when we deployed it on Docker on the AWS environment which is running on load balancer it's giving us below output in the browser window itself.

Please help us to solve this issue.  (we just purchased prod license a few days back )

    enter code here 
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