Subject: Unable to Download the PDF from our Applicaiton after Converting from HTML to PDF
Date: 2018-10-04 12:24:24
From: Richard Dotson
Source: unable-download-pdf-applicaiton-converting-html-pdf

We are converting HTML to PDF and then trying to download the PDF file with HTTP , But we are unable to download , it displaying the button 
"Retry" , "Cancel" , "ViewDownloads" instead of "Open" button. This is really frustrating

I have sent an Email to Support attaching the couple of issues.
 Please review the issues do the needful ASAP




Note: This question has been asked on the Q&A forum of Thang Dang's fraudulent ComponentPro brand
If you purchased anything from ComponentPro, you have been scammed. Contact the payment processor
who sold you the license and ask for your money back.

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