Subject: UltimateFTP through ISA Proxy Server - ntlm Authentication Problem
Date: 2010-01-26 14:50:47
From: lrs 
Source: ultimateftp-isa-proxy-server-ntlm-authentication-problem

I'm having some issues using the UltimateFTP libraries in conjunction with an ISA 2006 Web Proxy configured to use integrated authentication and with a rule to only allow specific users access.  Specifically, from the content of the logs and the network traffic viewed in a packet sniffer, it looks like while the control (i.e port 21) connection appears to authenticate with the proxy server, the data connection does not appear to authenticate with the webproxy.  I get the same results regardless of whether I use passive mode or not.  Also, when I remove the rule restricting access by user (in other words, grant access to all users), it appears to work correctly.


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