Subject: UltimateFTP defect/issue
Date: 2013-07-31 18:20:34
From: Sam Tai
Source: ultimateftp-5-0-20-1211-defect-issue

Before you suggest that I should just upgrade to the 5.2 release, I've already sent several emails stating why I cannot since it doesn't appear to be backwards-compatible for my needs.  That said, downloading from FTP servers seems to truncate the front part of the filename (this is not happening from SFTP servers).

[code lang='c#']List<IFileInfo> downloadList = new List<IFileInfo>();
foreach (IFileInfo fi in fs.ListDirectory(remoteDirectory, new NameSearchCondition(fileMask)))
  IFileInfo[] downloadfile = new IFileInfo[] { fi };
  FileSystem.TransferFiles(fs, remoteDirectory, downloadfile, DiskFileSystem.Default, localDirectory, transferOptions);

I need to track each file that is downloaded.  This is my attempt at a poor-man's LastTransferStatistics.FileList (which I know is in the latest release, but again cannot find a legitimate upgrade path).

On one FTP server, 00109462130731120932.855 becomes 0109462130731120932.855 (missing first filename character), and on another FTP server the same file becomes 1120932.855 (missing lots more).
On one FTP server, 6132_731135842P437.855 becomes 132_731135842P437.855 (missing first filename character), and on another FTP server the same file becomes 2P437.855 (missing lots more).
It's not limited to filenames starting with numbers; I tried t1.dat and got the error message: Unable to transfer 1.dat

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