Subject: Ultimate Saml Version 1.x Not Compatiable with OpenSaml 1.x?
Date: 2011-02-03 18:08:52
From: Farzad Fadai
Source: ultimate-saml-version-1-x-not-compatiable-opensaml-1-x

We are trying to use SSO for a company that uses OpenSaml 1.x. After a lot of tinkering and tweaking I was able to create a SAML Response that was parsed correctly by their system. But now the signatures don’t match. Their system expects to see a Response tag without a prefix and not samlp:Response as constructed by Ultimate SAML, for example. I was able to make all the changes to the XML structure but then at the end I realized that the XML structure is used in the signature itself and as a result; even though, I had created a SMAL response the way OpenSaml 1.x expected as far the tag names and prefixes the signatures didn’t match since Ultimate SAML uses its own convention of prefixes and even if you feed it a pre-constructed Response and Assertion SAML where the prefixes are different, it reads the pre-constructed SAML Assertion and then adds its own prefixes and as a result the generated signatures don’t match what OpenSaml 1.x expects. Could you please provide some information about this? Has Ultimate Saml Version 1.x ever been tested against OpenSaml 1.x? Has anybody ever used Ultimate Saml Version 1.x to interface successfully with OpenSaml 1.x?

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