Subject: Ultimate Mail.Net TO and BCC received mail count not the same
Date: 2010-05-12 23:25:06
From: Dave Boal
Source: ultimate-mail-net-bcc-received-mail-count-not

I looped through 40 records in a table, sending emails out to two email addresses (one address in the TO email address, the other in the BCC email address)  The BCC email account received all 40 emails.  The TO email address received only 20 emails.  Each time I ran the test, the TO email address received a varying number of emails (more than 20 but less than 30), but never the same number as the BCC email, which in every case received the full 40 emails.  I tried switching the TO and BCC addresses with the same incorrect result, ie., some received by the TO email but all 40 by the BCC. No exceptions are being thrown.

Is there a way to diagnose this issue?

Do you suspect a problem on the SMTP Server side, that is not caught by Ultimate Mail.Net?  If the SMTP server is receiving the request but not sending it, then I don't imagine there is anything you can catch.

P.S. - I tried this test at the end of the day when all users were gone for the day, and 39 of the 40 were sent to both TO and BCC addresses.  The one that failed threw an exception that the connection was forceably closed by the host, which I am not sure why, but at least both TO and BCC failed, and an exception was thrown.

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