Subject: Toolbox items not showing in Visual Studio 2017
Date: 2018-02-26 01:20:56
From: Randall
Source: toolbox-items-not-showing-visual-studio-2017

I installed version 6.8.4155 of Component Studio and I'm not getting any toolbox entries for the library.  I ensured that the checkbox was checked for this and that Visual Studio was not running in the background during the install.  I repeated this twice and same results both times.
The only thing I did different from your defaults was to point the library to my development drive where I store other NET libraries: "E:\Program Files (x86)".  Any ideas on making this work or can you send me the component names that would normally appear in the toolbox and I can add them manually.

Thank you!
--Randall R. Burgess



Note: This question has been asked on the Q&A forum of Thang Dang's fraudulent ComponentPro brand
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