Subject: timezeone adjustment
Date: 2017-06-09 11:22:13
From: nicolas nicolas
Source: timezeone-adjustment


I made a test about file uploading and timezone adjustments

[code lang='c#']

        public static void proc_test()
        Ftp ftp;
        ComponentPro.IO.FileInfoCollection files1;

            ftp = new Ftp();
            ftp.Connect ("theftpcomputer",21);
            ftp.Authenticate("myuser", "mypassword");
            Console.WriteLine ("ServerTimeZoneOffset=" + ftp.ServerTimeZoneOffset );
            Console.WriteLine (" RestoreFileProperties=" + ftp. RestoreFileProperties);
            ftp.Upload (@"D:\temp\dir1\x3.txt", @"/dir1/xx3");
            ftp.SetCurrentDirectory (@"/dir1/xx3");
            files1 = ftp.ListDirectory();

            foreach (FtpFileInfo f in files1)
                if (f.FullName.ToLower().Contains ("x3.txt") == true)
                    Console.WriteLine ("File=" + f.FullName + " CreationTime=" + f.CreationTime + " LastWriteTime=" + f.LastWriteTime + " Size=" + f.Length);


the result was run at 14:10 and is the following:

File=/dir1/xx3/x3.txt CreationTime=01/01/0001 00:00:00 LastWriteTime=09/06/2017 16:10:27 Size=12

on the ftp server (windows) , when I check the file :

C:\ftp\n\dir1\xx3>dir x3.txt
 Le volume dans le lecteur C s'appelle disk_system
 Le numéro de série du volume est 7471-F7A5

 Répertoire de C:\ftp\n\dir1\xx3

09/06/2017  14:10    <REP>          .
09/06/2017  14:10    <REP>          ..
09/06/2017  14:10                12 x3.txt
               1 fichier(s)               12 octets

the source computer and the ftp server are located in the same area, in the same TZ : UTC+1
why do the listedirectory() command from ftp class made "internally" an adjustement of 2 HOURS while the offset is zero




I made a new test adding the log file option.  running at 14:53 (UTC+1),


again, the list directory() report a delta of 2 hours for the file but the log file report that the ftp server send the correct timestamp

Ftp: 1, Thread Id: 0 [06/09/2017 14:53:05.86] Information - Response: 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for data transfer
Ftp: 1, Thread Id: 0 [06/09/2017 14:53:05.87] Verbose - Info: Checking incoming data.
Ftp: 1, Thread Id: 0 [06/09/2017 14:53:05.88] Verbose - Info: Received 60 bytes of data through data connection.
Ftp: 1, Thread Id: 0 [06/09/2017 14:53:05.88] Verbose - Info: Found FTP Item: Type=file;Size=12;Modify=20170609145327;Perm=awdfr; x3.txt
Ftp: 1, Thread Id: 0 [06/09/2017 14:53:05.89] Verbose - Info: Checking incoming data.

many thanks for your help.

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