Subject: Timeout on FTP upload
Date: 2011-03-28 02:04:35
From: Chris Wagner
Source: timeout-ftp-upload

I am experiencing timeout issues when uploading large files with the FTP component.

I just updated my code to use your 2010.4.1112.1637 version of Ultimate studio and am still experiencing the same probelm.

Conditions are as follows

I am connecting with FTP with a timeout set to 4 minutes (Timeout property set to 240 * 1000)
Just BEFORE I call the UploafFile method, I call a routine to log the beginning of the file transfer
Just AFTER I call the uploafFile method, I call a routine to log the end of the transfer
During the transfer, in the progress event, I call the KeepAlive method every 30 seconds.
There is an error handler in in the progress event AND the routine that I call to upload files.

When uploading smaller files (I have tested with files up to 300M without problems), I do not receive any errors.

When testing with a 1.4G file, I am getting a timeout in the upload routine.  This timeout is being raised by UploadFile method of yout FTP component, but all bytes of file have been transferred to the remote system.

Date: 3/27/2011 9:32:44 PM

Module: frmFTPAutomation

Routine: UploadFilesToClient

ComponentPro.Net.FtpException: Operation has timed out.

   at ComponentPro.Net.Ftp.?()

   at ComponentPro.Net.Ftp.?(Int32 ?)

   at ComponentPro.Net.Ftp.?(o ?, FtpResponse ?, String ?, Int64 ?, String ?, Boolean ?)

   at G.Close()

   at ?.Close()

   at ComponentPro.Net.Ftp.?(String ?, String ?, String ?, FileSystem ?, String ?, Stream ?, Int64 ?, Int64 ?, Int64 ?, Boolean ?)

   at ComponentPro.Net.Ftp.?(String ?, String ?, String ?, Int64 ?, Int64 ?, Int64 ?, Boolean ?)

   at ComponentPro.Net.Ftp.UploadFile(String localPath, String remotePath)

   at AcxiomFTP.frmFTPAutomation.UploadFilesToClient(clsClientConfig& Client)

Any ideas?


Chris Wagner
Solutions Developer
Acxiom Corporation

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