Subject: SshShell : Response reading timed out
Date: 2019-12-12 15:41:00
From: kataria0878
Source: sshshell-response-reading-timed-45242454-839f-4c42-a8e3-daad6e708966

Hi Team,

I want to build a web application(MVC) with feature to execute (PuTTY) commands online. I implemented the sample code as below

            public string ComponentProMethod(SSHModel model)
            // Create an SshClient object.
            SshClient client = new SshClient();
            string response = "";

                // Sftp sftp = new Sftp();
                client.Config.KeyExchangeAlgorithms = ComponentPro.Net.SecureShellKeyExchangeAlgorithm.DiffieHellmanGroup1SHA1;
                // Connect to the specified server.

                // Authenticate. 
                client.Authenticate(model.username, model.password);

                client.Timeout = 25000 * 2;

                // Create a shell object in auto-processing mode. 
                TerminalShell shell = client.CreateShell(true);

                // Send the command to the SSH server and read response. 
                response = shell.ExecuteCommand(model.command);

                // Close the connection.

            catch (Exception se)
                response = "An SSH exception occurred: "   se.Message;
                // Close the connection. 


            return response;

When SshClient creating the remote shell (TerminalShell shell = client.CreateShell(true)), then system throw error 'Response reading timed out'. I also tried with manual processing on creating shell, but failed to get command response.

I also checked

Please look into the matter

Thanks in Advance


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