Subject: "The specified message set is invalid (NO)" Exception when trying to move Messages through IMAP
Date: 2011-11-07 13:15:54
From: Michael Randrup
Source: specified-message-set-invalid-no-exception-trying-move-messages-imap


I am using your BounceInspector component, but I am running into some irratic behaviour, when I try to move the MailMessages using the IMAPClient.

First I am processing all the messages I get back in the Bounce Result collection and collecting all the Sequence ID's I Want to move, on two lists - 1 list of identified messages, and 1 list of non-identified messages.

Then I Call the overload of the MoveMessage() that takes a MessageSet:

set = new ImapMessageIdSet(MoveToIdentified.ToArray());
client.MoveMessage(set, IdentifiedMailBox);

"MoveToIdentified" is a List<int> Which contains all the Sequence ID's. But I keep getting this exception:ComponentPro.Net.Mail.ImapException: The specified message set is invalid (NO).

I have also tried to move the messages one by one during processing - but gets the same error. Some messages gets moved and some does not. I have not yet seen a particular pattern to the error.

I have also tried to move the messages, using the unique ID (result.MailMessage.MessageId), but that Method throws an "Invalid Parameter" exception on every message.

I have full access on the Folders I am connecting to (my own MailBox), and I am connecting to an Exchange Server.

Am I missing something here?

Hope you can help me out!

Kind Regards,

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