Subject: SP Retreival of Attribute value
Date: 2016-03-07 18:54:05
From: Jason Baxter
Source: sp-retreival-attribute-value

I'm trying to retreive the attribute value being passed over in a saml response from the idp. Below is a sample of the value I am trying to retreive. I've seen how you can loop through the attributes, but no clear example of how to get the actual AttributeValue.


            <saml:Attribute xmlns:xs=""
                <saml:AttributeValue xsi:type="xs:string">P6IQW21</saml:AttributeValue>

I'm using the floowing code although it currently isn't working.

 samlAssertion = samlResponse.GetAssertions()(0)

 Dim userName As String
 If samlAssertion.AttributeStatements().Count() > 0 AndAlso samlAssertion.AttributeStatements(0).Attributes().Count > 0 AndAlso samlAssertion.AttributeStatements(0).Attributes(0).AttributeValue IsNot Nothing Then
            userName = samlAssertion.AttributeStatements(0).Attributes(0).AttributeValue



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