Subject: SignatureDescription could not be created for the signature algorithm supplied
Date: 2016-08-10 11:09:39
From: Harshitha K
Source: signaturedescription-not-created-signature-algorithm-supplied



I am facing an issue while signing the assertions. I receive error "SignatureDescription could not be created for the signature algorithm supplied". On signing the assertions, i pass "" digest method and ""  signing method. Following is the line of code that throws error:

 samlAssr.Sign(x509Certificate, "", "");

Does component pro provide support for the above digest and signing methods? As per my investigation, the support is in built in .NET framework 4.0 and above. I use componentPro.saml.dll which is built on .Net Framework 4.0 and above. I am not sure what is the issue.


Can anyone help?

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