Subject: SFTP from Windows to Unix
Date: 2013-10-16 07:17:33
From: Finn Bidstrup
Source: sftp-windows-unix

I am uploading a file from a Windows-server to a Unix-server using the Ultimate SFTP component.

Here is the code – it works fine:

[code lang='vb']

 'Create a new instance.

  Dim client As New Sftp()

  Dim DestinationPortNr As String = DestinationPortNumberr


 'Connect to the SFTP server.

  Dim HostServer As String = DestinationIP

  client.Connect(HostServer, DestinationPortNr)



  Dim Bruger As String = user

  Dim Password As String = password

  client.Authenticate(user, password)


 'Change current directory to inbox.



 'Upload local file

  client.UploadFile(FilOgStiNavn, NavnXmlFil)






The file that I move is an ascii-file.

If I open it in Notepad++ (before moving it) I can see that the format is UTF-8, and the content looks like this:

Content of file – before the upload (windows environment)







however on the destination server (Unix) it is not readable. It looks like this:

Content of file – after the upload (Unix environment)

********************************* Top of Data **********
........|&.............................................................              <<=======
******************************** Bottom of Data ********

In my code I have tried to experiment with “TransferMode” and “ServerOS”:

[code lang='vb']

Dim RemoteServerOS As String = client.ServerOs

client.ServerOs = Atp.IO.RemoteServerOs.Unix


Dim Filtype As String = client.TransferMode

client.TransferMode = SftpTransferMode.Binary


but without any luck. The file is still looks funny when it arrives at the destination server.

I have used the SFTP component a lot of times and transferred different files using the same code without any format-problems. I therefore suspect that it is the Unix-server that causes the problem?

Can you help me please?

Thanks in advance.

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