Subject: SFTP - ReleaseHandleFailed was detected
Date: 2010-10-05 17:37:25
From: Jeremy Byron
Source: sftp-releasehandlefailed-detected

I have recently purchased the Ultimate Studio and have been using the FTP and SFTP components extensively.  Whenever I use the SFTP component in Visual Studio 2008 I get a ReleaseHandleFailed MDA exception after several open/close cycles of the SFTP connection.  I have included the exception details below:

ReleaseHandleFailed was detected
Message: A SafeHandle or CriticalHandle of type 'Microsoft.Win32.SafeHandles.SafeCapiKeyHandle' failed to properly release the handle with value 0x09F188D8. This usually indicates that the handle was released incorrectly via another means (such as extracting the handle using DangerousGetHandle and closing it directly or building another SafeHandle around it.)

I am sure the SFTP connection is being opened and closed properly.  I am even calling Dispose() against the SFTP component after calling Disconnect().

I have tried and duplicated the error on two different SFTP servers (I am unsure of the server software used at the two different sites).

Can you shed any light on this issue?  I like to leave the MDAs enabled in development as they tend to identify problems early.

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