Subject: sFTP DirectoryExists() Method returning false even though the remote directory exists
Date: 2016-11-18 21:02:57
From: kurra kan
Source: sftp-directoryexists-method-returning-false-even-though-remote-directory-exists

Hello Support,

We recently upgraded the UltimateFTP or ComponentPro tool to use version and facing few issues regarding checking if the directory exists on the server or not.

We are calling  Sftp.DirectoryExists("/TestFolder/SubFolder") statement to verify whether remote directory exists or not.

I tested with other clients like fileZilla to make sure that the folder exists. But executing the above statement returns false despite the existance of the directory.

Would the Componentpro sftp DirectoryExists() simply returns false if the FTP servers root directory and current working directory are different?

It used to work fine with version ComponentSoft 2.4 but its odd that it is failing with the latest version ComponentPro 6.4.

Please let me know what is the solution to this problem as this is causing lot of problems. The environment is secure so we cannot provide a test FTP user for you.


ONe more interesting thing i found between v2.4 and v6.4...

FTP server's root folder : "/"

FTP server's current directory set to: "sftp" folder

If i do sftp.ListDirectory() in v2.4 i get these results....


If i do sftp.ListDirectory() in upgraded v6.4 i get these results.....

sftp:/FolderA ----- ( wondeting wiy a colon is included in the path)




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