Subject: SFTP connect error
Date: 2019-07-12 19:52:47
From: Edmund Reeh
Source: sftp-connect-error

When connecting to SFTP site, getting the following error message: "Negotiation failed. Requested service is not implemented." Below is the code.

Dim client As New Sftp()

client.Config.HostKeyAlgorithms = SecureShellHostKeyAlgorithm.RSA client.Config.KeyExchangeAlgorithms = SecureShellKeyExchangeAlgorithm.DiffieHellmanGroupExchangeSHA256

AddHandler client.HostKeyVerifying, AddressOf client_HostKeyVerifying

client.Connect("servername", 22)

Error message returns on client.Connect. The odd part is this was working up until a few days ago, and then this error started. The SFTP site is on AWS Transfer for SFTP. Other sftp clients connect just fine to the site.

Can you please advise what is invoking the error message?


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