Subject: How to set an text description to the 'From' object in the SMTP class?
Date: 2018-03-30 02:48:43
From: Daniel
Source: set-text-description-from-object-smtp-class


I´m re-writing an application that used .NET mail class to send emails.

I used to be able to be able to set a description for the sender besides the sender e-mail. See below the string "This is how I describe myself"

    Mail.From = New MailAddress("","This is how I describe myself")

So in the email header in the from field I would then see  '  - This is how I describe myself'

So this is a snippet in VB.Net using componentpro mail API: 

        ' Create a new instance of the Smtp class. 
        Dim SMTPClient As New Smtp

        ' Connect to the server.
        SMTPClient.Connect(My.Settings.EmailServerAddress, My.Settings.EmailServerPort)

        ' Login to the server using NTLM authentication method.
        SMTPClient.Authenticate(My.Settings.EmailSenderAccount, My.Settings.EmailSenderAccountPassword, SmtpAuthenticationMethod.Auto)

        ' Create a new mail message. 
        Dim msg As New MailMessage()
        msg.Subject = strSubject ' 
        msg.BodyText = strMessage
        msg.From = ""

Notice in the from member, (msg.from) I can define an email, but how can I define the sender description using componentpro mail API?




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