Subject: How do I set the SignaturePrefix when creating an assertion from IdentityProvider.InitiateSingleSignOn
Date: 2019-06-04 19:24:53
Source: set-signatureprefix-creating-assertion-identityprovider-initiatesinglesignon

I am integrating 2 service providers, acting as an Identity Provider, and they require the Namespace Prefix of ds: on the assertion signature.  The PartnerServiceProviderConfig does not allow me to specify what the Signiture Prefix should be.  Please advise how I could proceed.

I see where I can set the prefix on the assertion in ComponentPro.Saml2.EasySaml.SamlIdentityProvider.CreateResponse, but can't figure out how to Create/Generate the License and I can't seem to find our license key on portal.  

If you do create a new downloadable package, we would the platform to be targeted for .Net 4.6.1.




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