Subject: Sending Partial file name to SFTP
Date: 2011-05-04 13:34:15
From: Jyotsna Vonguru
Source: sending-partial-file-name-sftp

Hi There,

I have to download files from one of our stong mail SFTP server but not always the filename will be same. I will know the starting of the file name.
How can I send partial file name then get last modified date. After I get last modified date on that file, I have to concatinate the last modified date to the partial file name and that will be the whole file name.

I wrote the code but I was not able to send partial file name. Can anyone quickly please help me on this.

I am using your trial version now, if this works out, we will buy the product.

My Code:



Dim modifiedDateTime As DateTime = client.GetLastWriteTime("aggregate.2011-04-26.log")

Dim modifiedDate As String = modifiedDateTime.Date.ToString

'Dim modifiedDate2 As String = modifiedDate.

Dim aggregateFileName As String = "aggregate" + modifiedDate.ToString + ".log"


"aggregate.2011-04-26.log", "\\flfile01\warehouse\data\StrongMail\Queue\strongmail-aggregate.Log") Instead of sending full file name which is aggregate.2011-04-26.log, I need to send only aggregate and get modified date on that file and do concatination with partial file name. How can I do this.

Thanks in advance
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