Subject: Sending commands to a AS400 FTP server
Date: 2015-08-28 15:23:25
From: Garling Beard
Source: sending-commands-as400-ftp-server

I am sending files to an AS400 and need to run a command between each file, here is a copy of my code:
[code lang='c#']
Ftp client = new Ftp();
            custnum = custnum.ToString().PadLeft(10, '0');
            client.Authenticate("xxx", "xxx");
            client.Passive = true;
            client.SendCommand("SITE NAMEFMT 1");
            FtpResponse res = client.ReadResponse();
            client.UploadFile("C:\\xxx\\xxx\\" + custfile, custfile);
            client.SendCommand("quote rcmd call pgm(xxx / xxx) parm('"+ custnum +"')");
            FtpResponse res2 = client.ReadResponse();
I get the following response from the AS400
500 Subcommand QUOT not valid
I have a FTP script that contains that command it it works using batch files and the script but not using the C# FTP component.
Can someone tell me what is wrong or will this  component not handle QUOTE commands?
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