Subject: SendHttpPut Method for use with a samlResponse?
Date: 2022-07-21 21:00:28
From: Walter
Source: sendhttpput-method-use-samlresponse

Right now we are using SendHttpPost to send a SAML request to a service, however they are moving to AWS.   In their test environment originally we were getting an  RequestHeaderSectionTooLarge with a maximum size allows of 8192.  When I skipped adding any attributes for a small <8KB test post we then got a The 'specified method is not allowed against this resource." specifying Method POST for the error.  Does Component Pro have something like a "samlResponse.SendHttpPost" for SAML that I could try?  Or a way of converting that to a PUT?

'Existing Method that works with the old environment.

samlResponse.SendHttpPost(Response.OutputStream, ConsumerServiceUrl, targetUrl);


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