Subject: Saml2SPInitiated_2010 - Reading in EntityDescriptor's X509Certificate section?
Date: 2012-10-23 15:16:11
From: Carl Prothman
Source: saml2spinitiated-2010-reading-entitydescriptor-s-x509certificate-section

I'm using the Saml2SPInitiated_2010 sample code pattern to interact with a service provider.  The service provider gave me their XML EntityDescriptor metafile, which includes a X509Certificate section.  However, Saml2SPInitiated_2010 sample project uses a CER file.

How do I read in the xml metafile's X509Certificate and covert it to a CER? e.g. like what the Saml2SPInitiated_2010 is doing?

Can I do this in code so I don't have to use a CER file (e.g. convert the X509Certificate section to a X509Certificate2)? Then use that to decrypt AuthnRequest, etc.

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