Subject: saml2.AuthnRequest(XmlElement) bug - missing Extensions
Date: 2012-07-04 15:31:56
From: Benji Lilley
Source: saml2-authnrequest-xmlelement-bug-missing-extensions

I have not been able to receive any extensions data in authnRequest with your library.  After some research I can see two things:

1) if I add data to the .Extensions property of an outgoing authnRequest, the elements are present and DO get encoded into the web form.

2) When authnRequest is created with ctor AuthnRequest(XmlElement element), it does not populate the Extensions property.  

For now I have to work around this bug by decoding and parsing the SAMLRequest field myself and adding the data back to the Extensions property after the authnReqeust is build from the HttpRequest stream.
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