Subject: SAML > having SP, SP2 and IDS on same site (as current SSO will not work)
Date: 2018-05-23 04:41:37
From: namhaidang
Source: saml-sp-sp2-ids-site-as-current-sso-will-not-work

Hi using the sample code 'UltimateSaml v7.0.88\Samples\ComponentPro.Saml\Web\CS\Saml2-AdvancedApi\Saml2MultipleSPs'

i have make small modification to make the IDS, SP and SP2 work in IIS.
if IDS is configured to

and SP are configured to

then the SSO will work, after i login to SP, then when i access Sp2, after clicking NEXT i be logged in (no need to type credentials)

but if i change the site config and code to

then when i go to SP and click 'next' im directed to ids, after login, i return to sp
but if i were to go to SP2, and click next, i will need to login, there is no SSO,

why is this so, how can i make IDS work with SSO with all on same site?


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