Subject: SAML Response Validation keeps failing
Date: 2015-04-20 22:30:30
From: Manmeet Sachar
Source: saml-response-validation-keeps-failing

HI Would appreciate some help.

Our application has been in production for about a year, with no issues. The cerrificate expired this morning and the SAML responses satrted failing. We replaced the old certifucate with a new certificate that expires in 2016, however the SAML response validation is still failing at validation. The old Cert was SHA-1, the new cery is also SHA-1.


Any ideas on how we can debug further?


Code snippet as follows:

  X509Certificate2 x509Certificate = (X509Certificate2)context.Application[Global.CertKeyName];

 // Validate the SAML response with the certificate.

                    if (!samlResponse.Validate(x509Certificate))      <-------Fails here


                        LogErrorAndRedirectToUnauthorized(context, "SAML response signature is not valid.");



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