Subject: SAML Response Generated by SingleLogOut Service of SAML sample is not decoded properly at Service Provider side
Date: 2019-08-27 08:11:59
From: devendrasahumk
Source: saml-response-generated-singlelogout-service-saml-sample-not-decoded-properly-service-provider-side

Team we have implemented SSO and SLO using componentpro.

IDP and SP both are able to consume SAML for SSO.

But when we are trying to implement SLO the SAML Log out request generated by SP is consumed successfully by our IDP and generating SAML logout response
but SP could not consume SAMLResponse. we are not sure SP is using componentpro or not they told us generated SAMLresponse could not be decoded. Please help us to resolve this issue.

Below is the generated SAMLResponse.

SAMLResponse: fZBBa4QwEIX/SshdjTHoOqigtYKwvdSyh15KSEO7oElwkmV/fu1uobuXPb7hvffNTIVymR3s7ZcN/lWjswY1GfuafgyCdX3G0zYTxXNbDKLLB9ELLvK S1teUnLQKx6tqSmPGSUjYtCjQS N30YsLSO2i3jxxgoQGbAyLnb5OyXnZTYIF25Nw2rASjwiGLloBK9gal/2sDWCW623ys60qX7dcAGsN/nHcYmoV7/tR5tv7x0kiUIXnXCJz1qfZKzsklTJTfMV42Dy0ge8V0/2U5ODnIN DN2u39wwBaU0IiVJc0X8t/7J 483Pw==


Note: This question has been asked on the Q&A forum of Thang Dang's fraudulent ComponentPro brand
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