Subject: SAML Request Question
Date: 2013-04-24 18:21:27
From: Jay Wu
Source: saml-request-question


       I am having an issue with single sign on with a third party entity.  They are trying to single sign on to our system.

       We have successfully completed single sign on with other third parties, but they were all using the ultimate SAML component.  This entity we are currently having an issue with is not using the Ultimate SAML component.

      They get an error saying "Xml is not a saml response."  I looked deeper into the issue, and found that they are sending a SAML request XML.  However, it looks like the code is expecting a SAML response XML.  I verified this by looking at the Saml2IdpInitiated_2010 project - it creates a SAML response for the provider to consume via this line:

   samlResponse.SendPostBindingForm(Response.OutputStream, ConsumerServiceUrl, targetUrl)

   So I think I am missing something.  My questions are:

   1.  Are we supposed to receive a SAML response from clients, or a SAML request?  It looks like all prior successful connections were done via a SAML response.

   2.  What is the purpose of the SAML Request, then?  It makes sense that the client who is requesting the single sign on would send a request, rather than a response.

   Please help!

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