Subject: Rules regarding PdfTextAlignment when wrapping text
Date: 2014-07-30 06:26:20
From: Yaakov Ellis
Source: rules-regarding-pdftextalignment-wrapping-text

I have noticed that when running a Graphics.DrawString command, the drawing behavior is inconsistent depending on whether or not the text is wrapping.

If no wrapping is being used, then the X coordinate that is provided is taken to be the right margin of the text, and the text is drawn such that its right-most edge is aligned with the x-coordinate. This is the case even when a width or rectangle is provided (in which cases, I would have expected the x to be the left-margin, with the right margin and alignment dictated by the width/right-side-of-rectangle).

I did not see this documented anywhere, but was able to figure it out by trial and error.

However, when the PdfStringFormat property being passed into DrawString also contains a Wrapping value (Word or WordOnly), it seems that right alignment is totally ignored (seems to be a bug).

Am I understanding the current functionality properly? Is this documented anywhere?

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