Subject: rename 2nd file rather than overwrite
Date: 2009-11-26 13:48:52
From: kschoenl 
Source: rename-2nd-file-rather-overwrite

I looked through the documentation, but I haven"t found a method that does what I need.  Using code, I am looping through some files on the server and adding them individually to a .zip archive, using the "FileAdd" method.  However, it could happen that my loop includes several files with the exact same filename.  I know there is an "overwrite" property, but no matter what I set that to, it is going to leave out one of the files.  Instead, I would like to have one of the files renamed somehow (for example "filename(2)")... I don"t even much care how it gets renamed as long as both files get included in the archive.

Assuming there is not a property that makes this happen automatically, is there a method or property I can use to check whether a particular file already exists in the archive (so I can add the logic to do the renaming manually)?




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