Subject: References to UtlimateSFTP DLLs not possible within a Visual C# SQL CLR Database Project?
Date: 2011-03-17 10:12:08
From: Ian Gordon
Source: references-utlimatesftp-dlls-not-possible-within-visual-c-sql-clr-database-project

Hi, I have a working assembly that I can register within SQL Server 2008 R2 that produces an output file when I run it. So far so good! 
What I need to do now is to send that file via SFTP to a server somewhere, and that's why I'm trying out UltimateSFTP. It installed perfectly and I can open the samples and create new projects and add references to the  UtlimateSFTP DLLs as per documentation. What I can't do though is to add the required references to my existing project. When I click on Add References, the only tabs I get are [Projects] and [SQL Server], with no Browse option available anywhere.... Thinking about this, maybe it's because the references need to exist with SQL first? If so, how do I add them there? All help or advice with this very much appreciated.

Regards, Ian
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