Subject: Questions before I trial
Date: 2015-06-01 11:02:45
From: Frank Lashley
Source: questions-trial


I have a few questions before I trial the PDF Viewer control as I have tried around 4 different packages so far and haven't found one that really fits my requirements yet.

The main problem I am having is around printing.  Printing from within the viewer is a must and I am sure this control allows this, but I have found that options like "Fit to Page" are missing from some controls, is this available with the Ultimate PDF Viewer?  Also, i would like to ability to print a PDF file without loading the viewer at all, so I could assign the filename to the object and call a print, print setup or print preview without first loading the viewer onscreen, especially when I have a dozen PDF files that need to be printed at the same time.

And lastly it would be really good if I could load a PDF file with layers and be able to enable/disable these layers in the viewer.  Acrobat Reader offers this option but I haven't found anything documented regarding this control that would allow this?

Is there a more detailed web page with screen shots of this control in action? At the moment I only see which doesn't really show the control at all?

Many thanks,


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