Subject: Questions about the SshVirtualTerminal.Connect()
Date: 2016-03-25 02:00:02
From: Vikrem Sheker
Source: questions-sshvirtualterminal-connect


I have two questions regarding the Connect() method in SshVirtualTerminal.cs class of ComponentPro.SSh.Terminal

1) While establishing an SSH connection, does this class cache the RSA2 key fingerprint of the server it's connecting to - for ex: when doing an SSH through a client like putty from windows, the RSA2 key finger print is cached into the windows registry and read from here upon subsequent connections. Would the same thing happen while doing an SSH using SshVirtualTerminal. If yes, how do I find the location of this cache file?

2) We are getting an error message while connecting to one of our network equipment (termed MMEs). The message reads “The client and the server have no common algorithm”. We are using aes128-ctr hmac-sha1 algorithms. Do you support these two algorithms on ComponentPro.Ssh.dll, v5.1.40.12221. If those are supported, could you suggest other reasons as to why we may be seeing this error?


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