Subject: Question to Ultimate .NET CF FTP Component
Date: 2013-02-13 19:02:57
From: Gustav Mueller
Source: question-ultimate-net-cf-ftp-component



I have a mobile device with Windows CE 5 and may with the written program (Compact Framework 2) TCP-IP to connect to a different program (server) and send data to the server and the server receives the data and the connection and data exchange works so wonderfully.

[code lang='c#']


tcpclnt = new TcpClient();

string stream = "";

tcpclnt.Connect(IPv4, Port);


Stream stm = tcpclnt.GetStream();

string eintrag = "";

int trennung = 0;


foreach (System.IO.FileInfo file3 in filelist)


   trennung += 1;

   eintrag = file3.Name + "{";

   StreamReader file = new StreamReader(@"\Data\" + file3.Name, System.Text.Encoding.Default);

   eintrag += file.ReadToEnd();


   string text = eintrag.Replace("\r\n", "!");

   int laeng = text.Length;

   string ausg = text.Remove(laeng - 1, 1);

   stream += ausg;

   if (trennung < filelist.Length)

      stream += "%";



ASCIIEncoding asen = new ASCIIEncoding();

byte[] ba = asen.GetBytes(stream);

stm.Write(ba, 0, ba.Length);

byte[] message = new byte[100];

int bytesRead = 0;

bytesRead = stm.Read(message, 0, 100);     



Now I want to expand the application to connect to the server does not take place directly via TCP-IP but on a proxy server.

Wanted to ask if this is possible with "Ultimate .NET CF FTP Component" expand my application so that it also has the ability to connect the mobile device via a proxy server with the server program without having to change the code great?


With best Regards,



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