Subject: question about foreach
Date: 2011-07-15 22:02:19
From: ntek designs
Source: question-foreach

im trying to change my application over to use a template engine.

before i was using a stringbuilder and building the html.  i have two tables in each of my templates that will require being created on the fly using a for each loop.

the tables are for displaying images and vehicle options..  on the first template the images table has two columns, and x amount of rows...  i did this by doing a for each loop, stepping by 2, creating a row for each iteration and creating the columns according..

the following code demonstrates what i was doing..


            If ad.HasImages Then
                With ad
                    Select Case templateID
                        Case Is = "1"
                            sb.Append("<br><br><table border='0' cellpadding='10' cellspacing='0'>")

                            For imagecounter As Integer = 1 To .ImageURLs.Count Step 2 'images are dislayed side by side so we step by 2
                                sb.Append("<tr>") 'table row start tag

                                'add column and image
                                sb.Append(String.Format("<td><img width='400' border='0' src='{0}'></td>", _
                                              .ImageURLs(imagecounter - 1))) 'append image (subtracted 1 because string array is zero based)

                                'check if there is at least one more image in the array,  if so, add the column and image
                                If imagecounter < .ImageURLs.Count Then
                                    sb.Append(String.Format("<td><img width='400' border='0' src='{0}'></td>", _
                                                .ImageURLs(imagecounter))) 'append the following image
                                End If

                                sb.Append("</tr>")  'table row end tag

                    End Select
                End With
            End If

i need to reproduce this action and perhaps even more complex ones using this template engine. is it possible? 

any examples or input would be greatly appreciated.


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