Subject: Problem connecting SSH to OpenSSH_6.9p1
Date: 2016-02-23 06:55:47
From: Sofie Werner
Source: problem-connecting-ssh-openssh-6-9p1


After updating my Mac computers to El Capitan I can no longer connect to OpenSSH_6.9p1.
I have tried UltimateSsh v6.1.41005 and v6.3.60129 with the sample SshClient.
Log on Mac says:
ssh:error: Hm, kex protocol error: type 30 seq 1 [preauth]
Error on SshClient:
An error occured: The operation was not completed within the specified time limit.

Connecting with user/pass and with/without Private key fail.
Connecting to Mac with Yosemite OpenSSH_6.2p2 is working fine.

Putty (beta 0.66) is working fine on both versions.

Any help please?




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