Subject: how to prevent escaping special characters (< and >) in xml required as value of an attribute (correction)
Date: 2018-02-23 04:49:30
Source: prevent-escaping-special-characters-xml-required-value-attribute-correction

(sorry - my original post lost the xml somehow...)

I need to create a saml attribute that looks like this (note that the attributevalue is xml):


but no matter how I try to do it, I end up with this (note that the < and > in the xml have been escaped):

                        <ServiceId xmlns="">8835d0b3-f721-4e18-bd53-e5be0005e9c6 </ServiceId>

I'm sure there must be a way to prevent escaping the special characters inside the xml - can anyone give me an example of how to do it?


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