Subject: PDF is cutting across the last line Horizontally in  the first page  and half of the cutting line move to next page
Date: 2018-10-04 07:29:17
From: Richard Dotson
Source: pdf-cutting-across-last-line-horizonally-first-page-half-cutting-line-move-next-page

After converting HTML to PDF while displaying the PDF , the last line of the page is displaying partially and moves the rest into the second page. It is cutting the whole last row across Horizontally and half is in one page and another half is in next page. You can't read the line as all the characters of the line is spitted into 2 parts, One part is in first page and another part is in second page.  The content is not properly fit to the page and cutting the whole last line Horizontally. 
Any Help is appreciated. This is very urgent.


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