Subject: Could not connect with FTPS
Date: 2022-11-16 09:27:43
From: danies8
Source: not-connect-ftps

1. I used this code and I got this exception:
ComponentPro.Net.TlsException: 'Connection was closed by the remote connection end.'
2. I work against server 2019 and is not working but with window 10 it works.
3. I used  PackageReference Include="ComponentPro.Ftp" Version="7.2.238"
4. What do I need to do in order to fixed it?

    private void Connect()
            using (Ftp client = new Ftp())
                //Set the licence Key
                //Connect to the FTPS server.
                if (FtpsPort == 21)
                    client.Connect(FtpsServerName, FtpsPort, SslSecurityMode.Explicit);
                  client.Connect(FtpsServerName, FtpsPort, SslSecurityMode.Implicit);
                // Authenticate. 
                client.Authenticate(FtpsUserName, FtpsPassword);



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