Subject: newbie questions
Date: 2013-09-04 15:06:54
From: Scott McCreadie
Source: newbie-questions

Hi Folks

I've done several ASP.NET and LDAP authentication scenarios, but I'm having trouble even getting "off the ground" for testing (in production).

From an IP, I've got a successful sign-on from then, then it hits my assertionservice and I'm getting this error:

message="Could not load type 'SamlSPInitiated.ServiceProvider.AssertionService'

This is an ASP.NET v4.5 web solution (which builds and runs fine in development), I have UltimateSaml\v5.2.6171\ComponentPro.Saml.dll and UltimateSaml\v5.2.6171\ComponentPro.Common.dll copied local in my web solution (and yes I see them in the bin folder in PRODUCTION).

Can anyone assist?



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