Subject: Negotiation failed.  Server signature is not valid (v6.8.4119)
Date: 2017-05-03 11:43:10
From: Brian Docherty
Source: negotiation-failed-server-signature-not-valid-v6-8-4119


Our file transfer utilily (using the component) needs to connect to a new sFTP server, however we are getting the above message when trying to issue the .connect(server,port) command

.We can sucessfully connect to the ser ver using WinSCP.  Further detail on the exception; (ComponentPro.Net.SecureShellException: Negotiation failed. Server signature is not valid. ---> ComponentPro.Net.SecureShellException: Server signature is not valid.
   at c_CXD.c_SHA(Byte[] c_KBE, Byte[] c_Z4D, Byte[] c_NOA, SecureShellPublicKey& c_A5D)
   at c_NBE.c_YUD(SecureShellConnection c_XDD, Byte[] c_LZD, Byte[] c_NZD, Byte[] c_M4D, Byte[] c_H4D, Byte[]& c_MWA, Byte[]& c_Z4D, SecureShellPublicKey& c_A5D)
   at ComponentPro.Net.SecureShellConnection.c_YUD(Byte[] c_H4D)
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
   at ComponentPro.Net.SecureShellConnection.c_YUD(Byte[] c_H4D)
   at ComponentPro.Net.SecureShellConnection.Negotiate()
   at ComponentPro.Net.Sftp.c_K4E(String c_ROA, Int32 c_PKD, SecureShellConfig c_LJB, AsyncOperation c_M))


Help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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